Sudden Strike 4 European Battlefields Edition (Xbox One)

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Sudden Strike 4 European Battlefields Edition, is one of the few RTS games I have played this console generation, and is the ultimate version of the game containing both the game and the extra maps and such. I should also throw a quick thank you to Kalypso for tossing me this review copy.

The game itself on the One X is beautiful, and despite the old days of RTS’s not playing well on a controller, I had no issues with controls on this game.  The game also heavily focuses heavily on real life battles. This is actually my favorite aspect of the game. Each battle has some sort of explanation and as you play the game you unlock historic videos.

The game however isn’t perfect, in fact anyone familiar with command and conquer will remember the missions where you get a set number of units and a set mission to accomplish? These were my least favorite missions, and that is essentially the entire game. This is 100% a preference however. The missions are fair, yet challenging and function just fine and do have some nice variety. You may be securing a gas station to refuel your tanks or securing a bridge. That being said if your favorite part of an RTS is base building like me, this is going to be a bad time for you.

The game also makes it VERY easy to create and switch between groups of troops. I found myself creating groups of tanks and infantry simply because I could and then using them as separate entities to back each other up. The RTS genre is slim on console, but if you are looking for one, this is your chance. The game itself is a 7/10 for me, and I have no issue telling you, if you want an RTS, this is worth checking out. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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