The Blood Lands ( aka The White Settlers)

blood lands

After how much the twist at the end of The Boy pissed me off, I needed carnage and Netflix was there to answer my plea…kinda. Granted, I went into this expecting something like Wrong Turn or dare I say more like Hostel. I was ultimately wrong, but calmed down by this simple thriller. Blood Lands is about a British couple who buy a old cottage in Scotland to fix up, but a group of pig masked strangers doesn’t want them there. Essentially that’s the main plot. Where the movie thrives is the couple, Ed and Sara’s chemistry; they act like a genuine couple and do feel like real people. For a movie called “Blood Lands” there isn’t much blood, going mostly for a suspense approach which is welcome. The pig masked group aren’t very scary though; the combination of the heavy Scottish accents and the masks make everything a damn muffled mess; what saves them as villains is there ultimate motive which I found refreshing. Honestly, Blood Lands was a pretty decent horror movie, short and simple but effective. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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