Batman: Year One

batman year 1

There have been many upon many retelling of the origin of Batman and one of the most iconic is Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One, which helped inspire Batman Begins. Year One as far as story is pretty self explanatory. Gotham is a crime infested hellhole full of crooked cops and mainly controlled by mob families. Young Detective Jim Gordon transferred willingly here with his budding family in search of money and a new start but quickly learns Gotham is no place for a good man. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne returns after nearly a decade abroad, prepared to seek vengance on the crime that took the life of his parents. At first, dressed in black he attacks the small time crooks to no avail. Using his fear of bats, his natural intellect, and the skills he learned across the globe, he chooses a new identity, something to scare the wicked. Gordon and the newly emerged Batman of Gotham are fighting for justice, but can they work together?

I admire the book for it’s intamcy in regards to Gordon and Wayne’s thoughts and stories. I enjoyed how Batman’s origin wasn’t tied to a specific super villian but fighting the crime families of Gotham. It was cool to see the thought processes behind Batman’s transform, as well the impact he makes on others. There’s an iconic scene where he engages the family heads directly that always stuck with me. I found it weird Catwoman started off as hooker in this and didn’t really think she needed to be there. I did see the animated film which was adapted really damn well and I recommend seeing in conjunction with the book or just on it’s own. If you want a cool origin and a good crime drama, this is well worth the read. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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