Titans live action trailer

Teen Titans is my second favorite Dc animated show of all time; nothing is ever beating Batman: the animated series for me. And For all those wondering, Go can kiss my ass and call it ice cream. Well, this show can kiss my ass too. 99% of the time, I’m able to overlook bad trailers and drastic changes but the first trailer for live action Titans show pissed me off. Here’s why, because I don’t make this statement lightly.

First, DC hasn’t learned from one of it’s biggest mistakes in the overly dark tone of Batman Vs Superman , repeating it here in a series that sure as hell didn’t need it. The Titans have some dark stories but they aren’t this level dark, which having Robin say “Fuck Batman” isn’t dark, it makes him look like a emo brat. With the exception of Robin, the characters range from meh to damn right crappy. The effects aren’t great compared to things I’ve seen on the CW. What pisses me off so much is the Titans could make a good live action series or a movie, and the show proved it can serious but fun, not this. May the gaming gods bring you glory, and remember the real Titans.

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