Just Before I Go (2015)

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Just Before I Go is a comedy, but it’s actually a pretty dark comedy in a way. The movie starts with a man underwater.


This is Ted, Ted is a pretty basic guy with a pretty basic job. Most people would even call him boring. One day at his boring job he meets his wife, Penny. Penny eventually gets bored and cheats on him with her guitar teacher. In the ensuing argument she tells him he may as well be dead, and this is when he decides he really would be better off dead. First however he has some things to do.

When Ted goes home to his home town to stay with his brother and his family things get a bit weird right out the gate. The first night his nephew tells him to use the dead bolt that’s on the guest room door, which he doesn’t only to discover his sister-in-law sleep masturbates in front of house guest. His nephew is hiding the fact that he is gay, which he confided in Ted, which leads to an entirely new predicament with the family.

Ted will also confront his childhood bully and have a small romance with the girl he had a crush on from 4th grade, that happens to now be married. All this while finding a new romance with a family member of the teacher that tormented him after the death of his father.

Now if this sounds like a lot going on, it is. That isn’t to say the movie is bad, I actually rather enjoyed it. The movie did get mixed reviews however, with metacritic giving it a 24% and rotten tomatoes a 10%. IMDb does give it a 6.4/10 with 91% of google users liking it. The movie is busy, but it seems to be another case where critics don’t like it, but people do. I am in this category as well. I enjoyed it a lot.

The movie while not perfect and at times quite busy is quite funny and while has an interesting yet cliché take on suicide. The movie doesn’t shy away from certain subjects like how the gay community is treated many times in high school or by family or even how many feel about themselves because of it. It also has shows how some times bullies act a certain way because of how they are treated, but also because sometimes they themselves are just crappy people.

The movie isn’t for everyone clearly, and it does deal with some sensitive subject matter that may bother or upset some people. It is however entertaining and thought-provoking. Movies don’t always make me stop and think, but this one did. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.




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