No Man’s Sky Next

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Oh No Man’s Sky, we meet again. By now you all know the history with this game and Hello Games. We aren’t going to waste much time on that but will just dive into the game itself.

The basics haven’t changed. You will spend a ton of time wandering around collecting various minerals simply finding stuff to build or discover. This hasn’t changed and basically never will. Nobody however expected it to I hope. It’s also quite fun, and now the base building is important enough to be worth it and even is easy enough to teleport around to make it worth it. And most importantly, we have true multiplayer. Your friends can now join you and help build an awesome base, fight pirates or simply just wander aimlessly. The game as a few of my friends out it, is finally fun. Now I enjoyed the day one version but admittedly it had its issues, many of which are now fixed. That being said, its Hello Games.

Yup there is a but coming. The game has an issue. While playing with friends, I am bopping around my new base and boom, I am disconnected. No big deal it happens. The issue is this happens a lot, and while I don’t know if it’s an issue on PC I can confirm it happens on both Xbox and PS4 and it happens a lot. I am talking double ten plus an hour at times a lot. It isn’t truly a deal breaker but I can’t lie it has driven me away from the game at times. It also does seem to me an issues on some planets more than others for me as well. I have a base I built that I essentially can’t go near because I get tossed from my game constantly, but if I am anywhere else in the solar system I can play just fine it seems. This may just be a coincidence tho.

The game is fun, and I am having more fun than ever playing with friends, but damn this new issue may keep me away. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



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