Blossom & Decay (Preview and Pre-Alpha)

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Blossom & Decay is an interesting game, but before I get into it I want to explain how this came into my life. Not long ago on Twitter I asked everyone to recommend some good indie projects to me and I ended up following and being followed by Konspiracy Games. Then I got busy and I kept meaning to shoot them a message and see what they were up to. Their game looked interesting but I just never got the chance. Then a little bit ago they actually sent me a message. I won’t go into details but it was basically just them introducing themselves and giving me some info about the game, basically the info I was going to ask for anyway. This lead to me getting into a pre-alpha demo of the game. So after I tell you about that I will be linking some stuff at the bottom for you guys to read up on, because the short version of this whole thing is simple. If you are a fan of building and exploring games, you will want to keep an eye on this game.

First thing I have to get out-of-the-way, this was a pre alpha demo of the game so it was a bit rough around the edges. The controls could be a bit stiff at time and I often found myself a bit confused as to what I should be doing. It was easy enough to figure out tho, so even tho they invited me into their discord I never really had to go ask about anything. I would have used it to report bugs but I am yet to hit one. I am sure they are there, but admittedly I have good luck with missing bugs. I usually only get the game breaking ones. ( looking at you Fractured but Whole you game breaking bastard)

Now for the game itself, what is it? Why should you be excited? Is it fun? Well the game itself is essentially what you make it. Literally. You start out getting off a boat. As you enter the world, at least in this version, you get a small tutorial of how things work. After that the world is your oyster as they say. You want to build a farm? You can do that. You want to go exploring, feel free. Do you want to get a group of friends together and raid a nearby farming settlement and steal all their stuff, you can. I should point out tho, they will be pissed. Those are real people, and they worked hard to build that farm. If they can’t hunt you down they may pay people to do it. See the world is ever changing in accordance to what the people feel like doing.  People can essentially set up their own towns, with laws and stores all with real people.

One example of this started right after I started playing. I built a small fire on the beach where I started, got some food and just messed around. About half a dozen players had this same idea. They have all since moved on. I don’t know where they went, they all left while I was asleep. Really asleep by the way, you can give commands to your player, but they stay in the game when you aren’t. My guy was crafting a few odds and ends for when I came back. The game being browser based allows for a handy feature by the way (as confirmed by both the creators and I have personally done this with my cell phone) you can start on your PC, run to the store and check on your game with your phone. As of now its mostly only useful for crafting tho, which honestly is why I wanted it in the first place.

As I stated earlier the game is a bit rough, but at this early stage the game has a boat load of potential and is already fun to play. I will be watching this game and checking back in without a doubt. Below I have listed some materials, and definitely check out their Twitter. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



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