Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vol.3

power rangers 3

So without a truckload of back tracking, please refer to my posts on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: vol 1 and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vol 2 before continuing with the story. So Tommy and Billy are trapped in a alternate future dimension without there powers and without the other rangers, who sharing Tommy’s Green Ranger power, have started trying to restore Alpha and bring the fight to Rita. Billy and Tommy find themselves in a time of great destruction, where Rita has taken over and the Power Rangers have lost to a sinister Lord Drakken. Powers that once were theirs have been scavenged, given to Drakken’s army. On the other side, Trini discovers the Black Dragon shares some striking similarities to Tommy’s DragonZord. Lord Drakken is revealed to be a older Tommy, a Tommy that that stayed loyal to Rita and who killed Jason, who failed to harness the White Ranger power in time. Drakken fused both together and destroyed most of his former teammates and friends. After barely escaping, the duo find a resistance led by an older Zach, but what can they do without there powers?

I can’t help but be impressed by the Boom Power Ranger comics. I enjoyed the more intimate look into Billy, who was always one of my favorites. Drakken is menacing and well written, a cool and much needed threat against the Rangers. If you enjoyed the show or want a really good comic story, these should be high on your list. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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