Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vol 4

power rangers 4

Picking up where Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vol.3 left off, the remaining Rangers find themselves being lured lured into Drakken’s clutches. Finster has created a small army of perfected Gouldars to meet them for an ambush once they cross worlds. The rebellion Zach and Trini lead is about to be crushed by Drakken’s army as Trini tells Billy how he died giving them the only chance they have left- the Triceratops power coin. Zordon finds himself dead in that time, caught in the loop racing in to help his rangers there. After a brilliant move on Trini’s part, Drakken’s power is disrupted as well as his army’s but can Tommy stop his evil self once and for all?

It was a badass end to this part of the story, but I do wish I got to see the final clash between the Green Ranger and Drakken, instead of them powered down. It is cool in the flashbacks to see rangers of other eras mix but ultimately fall to Drakken. the way they beat Drakken is kinda kooky but hey, it’s Power Rangers. If you’re a fan, I’d suggest the comics definitely for a good story and the nostalgic value alone. Thanks to my friend Autobot for loaning me the books; below are links to other Power Ranger comic reviews. May the power protect you and the gaming gods bring you glory.

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Power Rangers Shattered Grid Trailer

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