American Horror Story: Asylum

ahs 2

So, you know how you get nervous going to the doctors as a kid? Hell, damn right scared even; your heart beats tenfold and you scream in terror when you have to get a shot? Well, old school medical treatment was 1000 times scarier than a shot. So I was really looking forward to jumping into the Asylum for the second American Horror Story .

Our location is BriarCliff, an asylum for the insane during the 1960’s. A reporter, Lana, is investing the estate and finds herself locked within it’ walls by the conflicted and corrupt Sister Jude and her underling Sister Mary Eunice. After Lana’s false incarceration and a new prisoner arrives who claims to have been abducted by aliens, strange things begin happening. Mary Eunice begins changing, patients disappear when a Dr with a dark secret comes in, and Lana falls for a young, handsome therapist at the asylum who has has his own terrible secret that will follow Lana decades after the asylum, the psychotically brutal Bloody Face…

Of the series Asylum is my least favorite, but it’s still a solid season. I liked the new time period and how I look it as a representation of the cruel, gritty age of medicine ending and our more modern age of more ethical treatment taking over. The performances were better this season but I have to give a huge round of applause to Zachary Quinto for a surprising as hell performance that made damn sure I’ll never watch Star trek (reboot)  the same ever again. I loved the plot about Nazi experimentation and the Bloody Face Arc; what hurt the season for me was the alien abduction story. Don’t get me wrong, I found it intersting as hell but it dragged on too long and I felt it held too much weight on the overall narrative while other stories dried up too soon. Also, the ending of that arc made the end too sugary for me. In the end, AHS: Asylum was ambitious and while I find it my least favorite of the series, I think it’s still worth seeing. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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