My Top 5 Games of This Gen, So Far

Now before this gets started I am in no way claiming any of these games are the actual best games of this generation, tho for one of them the argument can be made. These just happen to be my personal favorites, and as usual in no particular order.

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7 Days to Die Revisted I have always had mixed feelings about this game but honestly I have put way more hours into it than I care to admit and I have had a blast with it and friends. Me and my daughter also have spent a lot of time with it because she loves zombies and building things, so it has a special place for me. It isn’t the best game out there and it has many issues, but for me its a favorite.

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Stardew Valley is basically Harvest Moon back when it was good. The game is simply amazing, even more so when you consider it was made by one guy. When you want to simply relax, this is a great way to do it. Do a little farming, some fishing or even hunt one of the mines. As a fan of the original Harvest Moon that never got to play the game until the N64 version ( I later went back and played the others) it was great to go back and relive that fun.


Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition is a game that was at first on console basically broke to the point they delisted it, rebuilt it from the ground up with another company, then gave it away to the original buyers for free. The PC version and Enhanced edition however function well and if you are a fan of space and science and have an interest in this sort of thing there is a lot of fun to be had here. Admittedly tho most people will not enjoy this game.


BloodBorne review anyone that follows the blog had to know Bloodborne would make an appearance here. As part of the soulsborne series this is the only PS4 exclusive, it also happens to be one of the best in the series in my opinion. There will always be some debate as to which game in the series is the hardest or the easiest, but for me Bloodborne will probably be my favorite for a long time to come.

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Persona 5 may actually be the best game this generation in my opinion. The story and graphics are amazing, the combat is about as flawless as it comes, in fact the game is as close to as perfect as a JRPG can come. Obviously no game is perfect, and every game has its flaws and this is no exception, but for me if you want to talk about best game if this gen this game has to be in the conversation if you want that conversation taken seriously. It doesn’t really win, but it has to be discussed I think. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Games of This Gen, So Far”

  1. Nice choice of your personal top 5 this gen. I still need to play Persona V but idk if I can devote 100 plus hours into a game at the moment. Maybe if I do it here and there. Bloodborne is another game that I tried but didn’t have the patience to keep at it death after death like dark souls. But maybe after playing and eventually loving dead cells I can give that game a second chance.

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