As above, so below

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When it comes to found footage, it’s a real niche genre. There is Paranormal Activity and The Last Exorcism which were at least convincing, and then you have movies like The Devil Inside blew the concept. As Above So Below is one of the later.

We follow a history student named Scarlet as she sets out on a documentary to find the legendary Philosopher’s Stone. Her search leads her to believe the stone under the catacombs under Paris, deep below the City of Lights is a network of winding, endless tunnels and thousands of bones gathered over centuries. It’s believed the tunnels rest between our world and hell, and lies the stone. Would you descend into hell for the key to ultimate wealth?

The concept for this movie is great; the catacombs are a fantastic setting for horror. The rest of the movie is a train wreck. The characters are thinner than tissue paper; the plot is too. I’m still trying to understand how the hell the ending works. Characters face secrets they hid in hellish visions but they haven’t really established the characters enough to care or connections to what we see later so it’s just random. There’s a hell of a lot of shaky cam and jump scare noises- in fact I’d say it’s 90% of the movie. This movie is one of those sad cases of great potential lost in artless trend and I don’t recommend it at all. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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