Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

jurassic world 2

Here we come to the film that made me cover the series, and damn did I have hope for the series…well, apparently we’re getting Jurassic 6 in 2020 so Yay?

So Isla Nublar, home to the ruins of the original Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, is pretty much a unstable volcano that’s going to erupt and extinct the dinosaurs again. It’s a hot topic, should we let all the dinosaurs again or try to keep them alive. Claire is adamant about keeping alive, so much so she blindly signs up for a expedition to try saving them Noah style but she needs Owen’s help with the raptors. He’s reluctant but he goes. A guy named Lockwood is sending them, a partner of Hammond from the old days ( who we’re just now hearing about 5 movies in) who is dying. A company asshole has other plans however. Instead of freeing the dinosaurs, he wants to sell them Black Market under Lockwood’s manor, while also creating a whole new super dinosaur from the tooth of the Indominous Rex- the Endo Raptor. Can Owen and Claire put a stop to them and save the dinosaurs?

Watching this started to piss me off. The movie is still meh at best, I can’t say I hated it but this is without a doubt the weakest movie in the series. First, I’m going to spoil something just because I know many went to see this because Malcolm returns…he’s in the movie for what you see in the trailers. That’s it. Roughly 5 minutes in total. Claire and Owen’s motivations this time are strange; I don’t get how Claire went from being a tight ass workaholic girly girl into a chill pro-dinosaur activist or how Owen just gave up on dinosaurs and seems kind of mopey. For the first time, the effects got me and I knew it was CGI. During the volcano scenes, I couldn’t feel much real excitement but I was sad to watch so many dinosaurs get burned to death- the Bronnchisaurus scene made me tear a bit. The second half of the movie seriously feels like something I’d see in the Resident Evil (remake) You got a freak experiment chasing people around a mansion that seriously does look like the Spencer Mansion. The subplot of Lockwood’s granddaughter and the reason why him and Hammond cut ties- I yelled bullshit at my TV. I want to spoil it but I can’t. There are some suspenseful scenes with the E Raptor but nothing astounding. The acting isn’t wonderful but not terrible. Score is meh, you don’t get the iconic stuff til the end credits. In the end, I can’t recommend this movie because most of what you probably loved about the series isn’t here or died in a fiery inferno and while the very end has interesting implications, I’m predicting we saw the death of Jurassic Park. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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