5 Of My Favorite Multiplayer Games

Before I start I should say that these aren’t in any order and they certainly aren’t on the list because I consider them to be the best, they simply are on the list because they were fun for me personally at one point in my life.

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Mario Party 2 was responsible for many sleepless nights in my childhood. My best friend and I would play this for hours and when I got older we would play it as a drinking game and I will even go so far as to say this game has helped my sex life. That isn’t a joke by the way, it really did. How can this game not be one of my favorites?

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Goldeneye 007 is another N64 era game that I spent a ton of time playing as a child, but don’t go play it now. It did not hold up very well. The game was amazing, and me and my friends spent tons of hours killing each other. Proximity mines to this day piss me off and giving everyone rocket launchers was still a hilarious idea. And yes that short bastard was cheating.

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Battlefield 4 is obviously more recent, and is actually the only game on the list me and  @torstenvblog played together. We would do ok but mostly we would try to kill each other by flying planes into buildings and such. We always had a good time. He was the worlds worst battle buddy tho to be honest.


Diablo 3 is that classic kill and loot rpg that you either love or hate, and me and my daughter have spent hours playing it together. We have quite different taste in games so when we actually find one we like it always feels special to me. It is why this game and the nest are on the list actually.

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7 Days to Die is a survival game where you essentially gather supplies, build a base and kill zombies and on every 7th day a huge horde tries to kill you. This game may be my favorite on the list not only because of the hours and hours me and my daughter spent playing it but because of the countless hours spent playing it with friends. It is far from the best game out there and probably isn’t even the best on the list, but it is the best on the list in terms of value for me. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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