R.I.P Stan Lee, a legend

stan Lee 2

I’m very sad to say a few days ago we lost a beloved icon in nerd history, the man himself Stan Lee. For those who didn’t know ( how can you not in this day and age, but hey it happens) he was one one Marvel comics earliest writers giving us such beloved heroes such as the X-Men, The Fantastic 4, The Incredible Hulk, Dr Strange, Daredevil and Marvel’s iconic Spider-man. Stan Lee helped revolutionize the way we think of superheroes and villains because him and Marvel were the first to treat them like real people that dealt with real issues: the F4 were a dysfunctional family, the X Men were outcasts in a time of the Civil Rights and several other movements in our country- Magneto was a traumatized holocaust survivor, the Hulk openly talked about the effects of child abuse, and Spider-man was an average teenage geek. Marvel characters were the first to feel like us, people we knew. I once heard Stan Lee say the point was that any of us could be heroes, no matter what and the world was full of them. I took that to heart a lot as a kid.

He’s appeared in so many shows, video games, and of course his awesome cameos in Marvel movies, which sometimes were the best part. I think I speck for nerd kind when I say I don’t what will be harder, seeing Stan Lee’s final cameo with a dedication at the end of the movie, or watching a movie all the way through and knowing he won’t be there.

In closing, I just say be a true believer: believe in the extraordinary, believe you can be extraordinary no matter if your thin, big, small, where you came from, what color your skin is, or even if you’re a chess geek that got bitten by a spider. There is a hero in all of us, even the villains, and we are all people. From Savior and I, rest easy Stan Lee and for those he inspired in his wake- Excelsior!


Author: torstenvblog

Writer of the strange and everything; lover of horror, literature, comics, and the alien is my spirit animal

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