Cryptract (PS4)

Crytract is a fun JRPG with a full story that is told almost like a storybook with nice graphics, with the classic turned based battles. The story itself is quite solid and concerns a mystical beast and the gameplay itself can be quite entertaining. Here is where the issue comes in, the game is free to play.

Free to play sounds like a good thing considering I just said I just complimented a JRPG, but the reality is it is essentially a pay to win cell phone game on the PS4. Sure you get plenty of free orbs to buy new characters with, but many of the best characters are locked behind “can only be bought with paid orbs” sure the characters you get with the free orbs are useful but against some of the heavier hitting monsters they start to be less desirable. Now the game is less pay to win than many mobile games but the game is greatly designed to get you to spend real money in order to compete in the events. The game is fun and you can grind out and with a little luck get some great monsters, but money makes the world go around. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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