Possible Fantastic Four Video Game Teased

In a sentence I thought I would never type, or maybe hoped since I personally am not a fan, Comicbook.com is reporting that Marvel is teasing a Fantastic Four video game. Feel free to check the link for all the details but for me, this just seems like a bad idea with much of the goodwill with fans outside the comic world seemingly lost with the atrocity that is the Fantastic Four movies.

That isn’t to say a game with them can’t be good, I can imagine smashing away as The Think or burning the world up with The Human Torch. I just can’t in good conscience think hey this will be good after having sat through the movies, and while yes the game clearly will be made by someone else entirely I just can’t be excited by this idea. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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7 thoughts on “Possible Fantastic Four Video Game Teased”

  1. It’ll be interesting to see at the end of the day what it really is. But I wouldn’t mind a fantastic four game if done right. Just like if marvel does the movies instead of Fox I think they can do the Fantastic Four it’s due Justice.

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      1. Agreed. Though I was happy years ago with the Fantastic Four films just because to me it was my comic books on the big screen. Those big ol rose tinted glasses were strong lol.

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  2. I’ve always had a feeling that Marvel would eventually consider another video game adaptation but I never thought it to be based on Fantastic Four. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Avengers since it’s their most popular superhero team as of now. Well, a video game with Mr. Fantastic, Susan Storm, The Thing, and The Human Torch in it sounds interesting though.

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    1. It could be, historically they have been handled pretty badly tho so I can’t be excited as much as I would love a good Fantastic Four game. Tho an Avengers game will come sooner or later I am sure.


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