5 great Flash villains

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Barry Allen, Wally West, Jay Garrick, whichever Scarlet Speedster you love, it’s only fair some in Central City may not like the guy despite his good nature. I could cop out here and just name the Rogues but I’m going to try to bring some variety. Before we begin, I’m giving a shout out to Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master, Heatwave, the Trickster, Pied Piper and Hunter Zolomon as great Flash villains too but these guys go a little farther, so let’s begin with…

weather wizard 1. Weather Wizard-

What if you had a baton that let you control the weather? Would you use it to melt snow on a cold day, clear the rain for a picnic, or drop a tornado on a bank and rob them blind? Wizard picks the later route of course. He was a good choice for the first villain for Flash in Flash, season 1 because while devastating, it’s fun watching him getting his parade rained out ( pun intended).

grodd 2. Gorilla Grodd-

The mighty ape is a fierce beast in natural, gentile and smart but will wreak your ass if you piss it off. Grodd is not gentile but a mad tyrant bent on enslaving his fellow ape and man who he views as inferior. Besides being able to speak and a damn good strategist as well as the strength and agility of a ape, he is also a powerful telepath and has psychic abilities. With an army of damn dirty apes at his command, Grodd is a force to be reckoned with.

captain cold 3. Captain Cold-

Leonard Snart and the Flash have a weird respect for each other. He isn’t out for blood or world domination; Cold is all about the money. He refrains from killing at nearly all costs. Armed with his cold guns and other cold tech, he’s a good mastermind and decent fighter which helps him as the leader of the Rogues and one of Flash’s greatest enemies.

future flash 4. Future Flash aka Blue Flash aka Savitar (on the show)-

Aren’t we all our own worst enemies? Future Barry lost it when Kid Flash was struck down and he watched enemy turned friend Cold die, with his connection to the Speed Force at it’s strongest and no restraint, he goes back through time to slay his greatest enemies and eventually face a younger, more naive him. Blue Flash is a badass and it’s pretty insane how much he has to hold back in order to be good..

rflash 5. Reverse Flash-

Eobard Thawne is the Flash’s greatest enemy for the sheer fact this yellow suited son of a bitch has proven time and time again he will stop at noting to hurt Barry Allen, whether it means murdering the ones he loves, destroying time and space even if it means killing himself in the process. Thawne is almost always two steps faster and prods Allen to reach new heights.

I hope everyone enjoyed my list. May the gaming gods grant you Speed Force.



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