Distant Worlds 2, New Discoveries.

As my quest for Beagle Point continues with Distant Worlds 2 I have already seen hundreds of systems and stars. But this time I saw something I have never seen before myself. I am not sure what they do but they looked neat.

Elite Dangerous_20190207163057

There had to be hundreds of these things just floating in space. I am hoping they are just something fun to look at honestly because that is all I did. Other things I have seen is this star system.

Elite Dangerous_20190208101702

It isn’t anything special, there are tons of stars orbiting other stars but this one simply caught my eye and I can’t really say why.  The trip itself is pretty uneventful and I only occasionally see other people at this point. The sights are rather amazing tho, and I have seen more neutron stars than ever before.

Elite Dangerous_20190204182144

The blue on blue of this one I thought was spectacularly beautiful in its own right tho, possibly the best one I have ever seen honestly. The trip is long and sometimes lonely, but it has its own set of perks. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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