Distant Worlds, The View From Above

The week from distant worlds we traveled what seemed a bit further than usual. It also seemed like quite a few commanders have given up and gone home at this point. I can understand why tho, despite some of the amazing views I have seen having traveled around 30 thousand light years has at times felt like a full-time job in itself, and there are still about 35 thousand light years until Beagle Point and at least 65 thousand to get home. For the ones still going tho spirits seem high, many of us still meet up on basecamps every Friday and just race around.

This week’s basecamp as at a place called Goliath’s Rest had pretty high gravity and I didn’t want to risk a landing, so I took a picture from above the galactic plane.

Elite Dangerous_20190324114218

I also saw a few other cool things, like an Ammonia world.

Elite Dangerous_20190324112247

It has been a while since I saw one of those and definitely the first since the visual update. The fun thing about being out this far is everything you see almost is a first discovery for you, meaning you are the first person to see it ever and possibly the last. Below are some more things I came across, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Elite Dangerous, The Center And a New Station

I know it has been a bit since my last update, admittedly I have been a bit busy with reviews and being sick as hell with the flu, then baby savior got sick. So I fell a bit behind, also I blew my ship up with a neutron star. So yea, been a tough couple weeks. Tho I have caught back up to the next waypoint, that bright blue star is called The Center. It sits next to the very center of the galaxy known as Sagittarius A (pictured below)

It has been well over a year since I had been there. The Center of the Galaxy was my first trip, almost two years ago well before Explorer’s Anchorage was even thought of. (pictures below)

The cool thing about this station is that it was built as part of a community goal for Distant Worlds 2, which I also took part in. Sagittarius A has a special place for me because there is a trophy for it on PlayStation 4 and when I got it the percentage still read 0.0 which means I had to be one of the first to get it, I also helped build the station that sits a measly 3 light years from it. There is currently another community even going on to finish the station and from there the journey to Beagle Point will continue. Hopefully, I will have more pics and updates soon, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Distant Worlds 2, New Discoveries.

As my quest for Beagle Point continues with Distant Worlds 2 I have already seen hundreds of systems and stars. But this time I saw something I have never seen before myself. I am not sure what they do but they looked neat.

Elite Dangerous_20190207163057

There had to be hundreds of these things just floating in space. I am hoping they are just something fun to look at honestly because that is all I did. Other things I have seen is this star system.

Elite Dangerous_20190208101702

It isn’t anything special, there are tons of stars orbiting other stars but this one simply caught my eye and I can’t really say why.  The trip itself is pretty uneventful and I only occasionally see other people at this point. The sights are rather amazing tho, and I have seen more neutron stars than ever before.

Elite Dangerous_20190204182144

The blue on blue of this one I thought was spectacularly beautiful in its own right tho, possibly the best one I have ever seen honestly. The trip is long and sometimes lonely, but it has its own set of perks. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Distant Worlds, The Journey Continues

It is that time of the week again, where I regale you with tales from deep space, such as this planet I found.

Elite Dangerous_20190130141711

That as you guys know is my ship, the SVG Morning Star. Anyway, after leaving a station in the Omega system I journeyed through many systems.

The journey for me personally has been quite tame, with the exception of my little explosion at The View. That being said its the people on the journey so far that have been interesting. One commander whose name escapes me took severe damage landing on a planet, bad enough he was worried about taking off. He was about 1000 light years from a station and another commander left omega to bring repair limpets to repair his ship, a trip that probably took a decent amount of time. This is just one story of many like it where people will go out of their way to make sure the group makes the trip intact.

After a long journey of about 5-6 thousand light years, I made it to an abandoned settlement where we were set to meet. There plenty of us there, mostly just goofing off at that point since the festivities hadn’t started yet.

Yes, by the way, that one bottom picture is a Krait, the one next to it? Someone landed their Krait on top of their friends Krait. I never found out why, but hey it is what it is. I drove my SRV for a bit, some guy jumped over me, another landed his SRV on my ship. It was a very odd yet interesting time. That honestly is what the trip really is. It is long periods of nothingness and just scanning various planets with occasional interesting moments. In fact, the interaction with people is what does it, similar to most other things. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.