Distant Worlds, The View From Above

The week from distant worlds we traveled what seemed a bit further than usual. It also seemed like quite a few commanders have given up and gone home at this point. I can understand why tho, despite some of the amazing views I have seen having traveled around 30 thousand light years has at times felt like a full-time job in itself, and there are still about 35 thousand light years until Beagle Point and at least 65 thousand to get home. For the ones still going tho spirits seem high, many of us still meet up on basecamps every Friday and just race around.

This week’s basecamp as at a place called Goliath’s Rest had pretty high gravity and I didn’t want to risk a landing, so I took a picture from above the galactic plane.

Elite Dangerous_20190324114218

I also saw a few other cool things, like an Ammonia world.

Elite Dangerous_20190324112247

It has been a while since I saw one of those and definitely the first since the visual update. The fun thing about being out this far is everything you see almost is a first discovery for you, meaning you are the first person to see it ever and possibly the last. Below are some more things I came across, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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