The Start Of Distant Worlds Two

Sunday started the Distant Worlds 2 adventure, as I have mentioned before. It started with a few of us just chatting, giving some last minute advice and a sort of ceremonial first jump. The picture of the menu is that jump, HR 5413. Everyone in the squadron I am in made is safe and sound, and amazingly the US servers didn’t crash.

The first leg of the trip saw me travel to a place called Shapley 1.

Elite Dangerous_20190113205521

The trip was quite simple and uneventful, a bunch of us met up and chatted. They gave warning of a place called “The View” and everyone said the same thing, it is a beautiful stunning site, but dangerous to partake in. I have a few pictures before I share the story of The View, which is stop number 2 of the trip.

The view from there was great, beautiful blue neutron star and all. The journey there is also quite easy to make as well. The landing? The landing is made on  3.3g gravity world, where the smallest mistake will greatly damage your ship. I was not expecting the difficulty, in fact, the landing I made on a normal world would be fine but here, it was suicide. I came in at far too deep of an angle and there was no way to recover and I slammed my ship into the ground instantly draining my shields and severely damaging my hull. I took a few pictures, but didn’t trust myself in the SRV for long.

I found the nearest space station, a massive trip that I desperately needed to make. It meant nothing, however. The damage was so severe my ship, MorningStar (pic below) could not make it off-world and my thrusters died before escaping the gravitational pull and my ship was ripped back down to the planet.

Elite Dangerous_20190104225531

Having to start all over again from Pallaeni wasn’t a massive deal, more annoying. I quickly made up for lost time and made it to the 3rd checkpoint, Cycladia.

Elite Dangerous_20190114144911

Cycladia is known for being much like Earth with some ring around it. I didn’t hang out here long as I continue for Labirinto. WIsh me luck, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Preparing For Distant Worlds 2

So I may have mentioned Elite Dangerous Distant Worlds 2 Decision once or twice, and it has been a bit of a time getting ready. I am outfitting my Asp Explorer formerly known as Meat Paste for the trip.


I have since changed the ships name and colors, specifically for the trip. I wanted something better than simple black for the pictures. I also am working on upgrading my jump distance. While I have plenty enough for the trip every little bit helps tho I have had some setbacks there. The new system doesn’t always match the old engineer system so I lost a bit of range at first, but I recovered that.

While gathering materials I did lose my Krait, and now I no longer have the rebuy cost to fly it so now it just sits and chills. This will, however, be the longest trip I have made, tho I have gone to Sagittarius A.


I have also gone to Elite Dangerous: Colonia which was a random trip that I decided to make it one-day cuz I am an idiot. That is also how I ended up with a ship called Meat Paste, I streamed the whole thing and the chat voted on Meat Paste, which @torstenvblog suggested. This will be my last post on the subject depending on what happens when the trip launches on Sunday, after that however I will be posting weekly updates on how the trip goes as well as posting occasional pictures on Twitter and Pinterest. Until then hower, stay safe and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Elite Dangerous Distant Worlds 2 Decision

The other day I asked you guys about Elite Dangerous, Distant Worlds 2. Should Savior Make The Trip? and talked to people on Twitter and Facebook as well. Well, the decision has been made that I shall make the trip to Beagle Point. Starting January 13th I will dive into the Elite Dangerous community as a member of the Distant Worlds community as both an Explorer and member of their Media wing of the expedition. The plan is to spend time exploring on my way to each checkpoint while meeting new people and hopefully getting their take on the entire experience as well as passing on my own experience.

As I experienced on my trips to both Sagittarius A and Colonia the sheer amount of time and jumps it takes to get places in itself can cause many to fail whether they simply turn around or self destruct their own ship to get home when they can’t take it anymore. So wish me luck as I try to make one of the longest trips people can make in the game, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Elite Dangerous: My Journey Home


As some of you may be aware I made the epic or maybe horrible choice not long ago to travel to Colonia in one day. It took just under 14 hours. More on that trip here. Elite Dangerous: Colonia

The journey home I was a bit more methodical about and took my time, and even visited some of new stations they added along the way such as the one shown in the picture inside of a nebula, hence the red lighting. From Colonia to there I made about 30 million in exploration money. Could have done better but I am trying to combine making some cash with getting home in a decent amount of time.

Now like most explorers are prone to doing I chose to land on a random moon to take my SRV out for a spin, break up the travel a bit, find some new materials and such. Tho while streaming and chatting with a friends I sort of messed up a bit and landed hard, LIke real hard, my shields failed instantly and my hull dropped to 28%. So i drove around a bit, found some stuff and went back to that station for repairs before heading back out on my journey home. Probably not my best move. Anyway the journey continues, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Elite Dangerous: Colonia

jaques station

Earlier this week I chose to do something magnificently stupid. I wanted to fly from Sol to Colonia, in one day one sitting. I did the whole thing live on Twitch. I started out in Sol around Noon local time for United States Eastern Standard time. I started out strong, making good time and joined by our good friend @torstenvblog we talked as I hopped and scanned over and over. Soon our friend and my fellow Twitch friend Sirfeliciano for a few hours for encouragement. As the people watching climbed a bit I quickly became a bit jaded with the trip around the 7 thousand light year mark.

A guy that joined my stream brought up one last station I could stop at, a last chance to stop my trip and turn around. The station is called Gagarin Gate he said. He gave me the location, I locked it in and away I went.

The hours clicked by, people came and went on my stream and I bounced from excited to bored to downright wanting to quit. I pressed on tho, the people that stopped by to chat were a gift from the gaming gods themselves. A man from Scotland joined me for almost 8 hours actually and left me at about 2 in the morning his time and for that I am forever grateful. He was great company and he offered great advice, tho his desire for me to hit the legendary Beagle Point may have forced me to make that trip someday.

It was also decided that IF I made the 22 thousand light year trip from Sol to Colonia that day I would have to rename my ship. Well here it is, the new name.

meat paste

No I did not pick the name, the chat did. The whole trip took what seemed like forever, but it was in total just over 13 hours and 40 minutes. I would like to swear off that type pf stream again, but I am planning on doing another one, maybe not as long but another marathon style stream. I hope to see you there, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.