Elite Dangerous Distant Worlds Omega Station

Distant Worlds is sort of on a break for some good old fashioned community goals. One is to gather the stuff for building a station new the center of the galaxy, the other is simply killing some stuff. I actually got here pretty fast, to be honest, did a little mining and decided I don’t like it and went exploring.

We won’t be leaving for the next leg of the journey until these are done since building the next station is part of the journey. The area is rather nice tho sitting near a nebula there is plenty to see. The real interesting thing tho is all the people. Every time I sign in there are new people to talk to, many still discussing The View where many have already lost ships to the extra gravity. The people on this journey are equal parts helpful and at times lonely. Numerous times people have been looking for wings, just to hear someone else’s voice. The whole thing is rather interesting to follow, and I will keep you all updated once the journey continues. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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