Meeple Station (PC)

Meeple Station developed by Vox games and punished by Modularity can be purchased on Steam. The premise is quite simple, build a space station, mine resources, trade with other ships, increase the size of your station and crew, repeat. It sounds easy, but it does take quite a bit of effort and time to learn. You will also be fending off space pirates and, well squids. They will both honestly screw your day up. Honestly, there isn’t much to the game, yet.

Some of the future promised content however is quite impressive if true. They are talking about a co-op mode that would be amazing for this type of game as its rarely done and even rarer is that it is done well. There is also talk that they will be implementing a way to build your own trade ships. The game is in early access and they claim it is only about 20% done which if true means there is a ton more stuff coming in. definitely, do not count this as a complete review but as more of a preview combined with a review as I will be revisiting this time in the future. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



Author: Savior699

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