Elite Dangerous: My Journey Home


As some of you may be aware I made the epic or maybe horrible choice not long ago to travel to Colonia in one day. It took just under 14 hours. More on that trip here. Elite Dangerous: Colonia

The journey home I was a bit more methodical about and took my time, and even visited some of new stations they added along the way such as the one shown in the picture inside of a nebula, hence the red lighting. From Colonia to there I made about 30 million in exploration money. Could have done better but I am trying to combine making some cash with getting home in a decent amount of time.

Now like most explorers are prone to doing I chose to land on a random moon to take my SRV out for a spin, break up the travel a bit, find some new materials and such. Tho while streaming and chatting with a friends I sort of messed up a bit and landed hard, LIke real hard, my shields failed instantly and my hull dropped to 28%. So i drove around a bit, found some stuff and went back to that station for repairs before heading back out on my journey home. Probably not my best move. Anyway the journey continues, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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