Elite Dangerous: Colonia

jaques station

Earlier this week I chose to do something magnificently stupid. I wanted to fly from Sol to Colonia, in one day one sitting. I did the whole thing live on Twitch. I started out in Sol around Noon local time for United States Eastern Standard time. I started out strong, making good time and joined by our good friend @torstenvblog we talked as I hopped and scanned over and over. Soon our friend and my fellow Twitch friend Sirfeliciano for a few hours for encouragement. As the people watching climbed a bit I quickly became a bit jaded with the trip around the 7 thousand light year mark.

A guy that joined my stream brought up one last station I could stop at, a last chance to stop my trip and turn around. The station is called Gagarin Gate he said. He gave me the location, I locked it in and away I went.

The hours clicked by, people came and went on my stream and I bounced from excited to bored to downright wanting to quit. I pressed on tho, the people that stopped by to chat were a gift from the gaming gods themselves. A man from Scotland joined me for almost 8 hours actually and left me at about 2 in the morning his time and for that I am forever grateful. He was great company and he offered great advice, tho his desire for me to hit the legendary Beagle Point may have forced me to make that trip someday.

It was also decided that IF I made the 22 thousand light year trip from Sol to Colonia that day I would have to rename my ship. Well here it is, the new name.

meat paste

No I did not pick the name, the chat did. The whole trip took what seemed like forever, but it was in total just over 13 hours and 40 minutes. I would like to swear off that type pf stream again, but I am planning on doing another one, maybe not as long but another marathon style stream. I hope to see you there, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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