Battle Ages (PS4)

Anyone that has played games for more than a few weeks knows, don’t expect much from a free to play game. They are almost always pay to win, are rarely well made and usually are not worth the time it takes to download. There are exceptions to the rule of course. Warframe, for example, is a great game and I hear great things about Path Of Exiles, which I will play with it out on PS4 today as a matter of fact. (Look for that review soon) Battle Ages, well god damn.

Battle Ages is bad by even free to play standards. I have seen better looking mobile games, and the time to upgrade things starts out fairly high so I can only imagine what the late game ends up being. You have to rebuild your troops after every battle, even if they don’t die and man are they stupid. They will stand there and get attacked by enemy defenders to the point I watched 10 guys get slaughtered by 1 defender because they wouldn’t stop attacking a wall to kill him.

Never expect much from free to play games, but expect something. Even with those low expectations, this game falls low below them. It took about a minute to download, and I consider that a waste of time. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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