Mass Effect

mass effect

There’s a rare time when almost all of our passions collide into a single artwork. For me it was a great story, interesting characters, cool sci-fi lore, and some fun gameplay. For me, that equals the Mass Effect trilogy.

Mass Effect takes place in the distant future where mankind has joined the rest of the galaxy because of Mass Effect tech, allowing humanity to travel to the far corners of the cosmos. We play as Shepherd, a soldier in the Alliance military climbing through the ranks. On a mission that should have been pretty cut and dry, he discovers betrayal and an unfolding threat to the universe from an ancient Enemy: the Reapers. Being a Specter and given almost endless authority, he’s tasked with hunting down the rogue Specter Saren, and the Reaper’s probe, Sovereign. Along the way Shepherd joins forces with some strange and fascinating characters from other worlds to stop a seemingly unstoppable threat…

This may have been one of the hardest reviews I’ve had to do. There is A LOT to the Mass Effect’s overall story: grudges between species that make you think, political intrigue and corruption, a subtext of humanity having to prove itself amongst several more developed races and how we can only defeat the unstoppable together. Shepherd, depending on which way you swing on the Paragon or Renegade scale, can be either a great good guy or awesome dick- either way there is a lot of replay-ability. Shepherd can be customized a surprising amount of ways, combined with your teammates attributes, I haven’t been able to have such varied gameplay since Borderlands 2 . I fell in love with the characters, heroes and villains alike and found myself in love with the world of Mass Effect; the mission on Vermire tore my heart out at first. The only issue I have is that you do feel a bit OP with the crazy amount of shit you can do and gun-play feels off at times. In the end, I regard Mass Effect as a near flawless classic with probably my favorite video game story of all time, with only the 2nd game tying there and I can’t recommend it enough. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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  1. It’s amazing how alike we are haha. I too wrote a piece on Mass Effect on my blog at the end of last year although it was maybe too long of a blog post haha. This trilogy is without a doubt three of my favorite games of all time. I honestly could not put all my thoughts into one blog post. I am glad you love this trilogy too!

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