Kerbal Enhanced Edition, History and Parts Pack DLC

At long last, a long needed DLC and update for the console version of Kerbal Space Program. The History and Parts Pack is basically the making history pack for the PC minus the mission builder and with the extra Mun launch pad.

The extra parts are pretty nice, and I like the ability to change the color of many of the parts. The cost of $9.99 isn’t too bad either tho admittedly it really is for people that truly love the game. I can’t see people that only kind of enjoy the game feeling the price is worth it for the parts and some color swaps along with some new launch sites that really don’t change the way you play with one exception.

The Mun launch is essentially the games super easy mode in a way. See the Mun has no atmosphere and insanely low gravity. This lets you build the most minimalist rockets to enter orbit and head for wherever you want in the solar system. That isn’t to say it is easy to get to them or land and return, but it is far easier than launching from Kerbin. Not to discourage anyone from using it, how you play the game is on you. Personally, I would get to the Mun then use it as a sort of base kind of like a  Mun base. Anyway, feel free to check it out and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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