The Witch Files (2018)

The Witch Files is a movie about as you can guess, witches. When a group of five young women, all of which are pretty unhappy meet in detention, Jules shows them her that being a witch has some perks. After using her powers to get them out of detention, Jules has them all meet up at the local park where the town allegedly killed a bunch of witches years ago where they form a new coven.

Throughout the movie, they will find they can do all sorts of things, like levitating a book, convince people they already paid for things when they didn’t and even get one of their moms to quit drinking. They, of course, will discover this has a price, and they all start to suffer some physical ailments, like degrading vision or loss of hearing since as we have learned from so many movies, video games and anime in the past, you can’t get anything for free from magic.

There are also the other cliches, such as one of them betraying the group, someone being old as hell and all that other stuff. Nothing in this movie is new or innovative or even done in a new way. It is all done pretty well tho, the acting is great and the script is pretty good, the special effects are done nicely for what is clearly not a AAA movie. The movie isn’t great, but it is certainly good enough. If you like movies about witches, there is no reason not to check this one out. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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