Scream 3

scream 3

Sidney, deep in her heart, knew it wasn’t going to end. Her mother’s sins weren’t ever going to let her be, and the people she loved were going to pay. After the deaths at the college, Sid goes into hiding. Two movies later, with a third in production, Gale’s career is full swing and Dewey is helping with the production as an adviser. Trouble comes when Cotton, the man framed for the murder of Sid’s mother, is brutally killed all evidence points to a new copycat. But things are different now, this killer is able to take bullets and is smart enough to learn from the previous killers by using there identities against them. Along with this are the new revelations the killer brings about Sid’s mom and the legacy that lead down a surprisingly dark path. Can Sid, Dewey, and Gale bring down the final killer of a real life trilogy?

Scream 3 is divisive but to me personally, it was a good way to end the trilogy and weirdly one of my favorites. Again the main characters are what kept me invested. The story is overall solid with a good revelation but there are a few thin, disposable characters the water the movie down a bit. There is also more meta comedy and references which may bother some but I found pretty cool. The score and cinematography are again really good and the movie is well paced. In the end, Scream 3 is a good end to a pretty good trilogy- but stop there, I warn you. Just pretend Scream ends with a trilogy of good solid movies. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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