Apollo 18

Apollo 18

Starting off I have to say I’m pretty sure this maybe one of the most ambitious found footage horror movies I’ve seen. I can’t say I ever saw one that left the confines of planet earth, going to the moon.

The Apollo 18 mission was the last supposed manned mission to the moon. Officially it didn’t happen; the movie tells us what really happened. Three astronauts journeyed up there and while two landed to surface. All begins well as they collect what appear to be harmless rock samples. Small things begin going awry but questions arise when they find the remains of a Cosmonaut ship and the ravaged bodies of the astronauts. It starts appearing that something is alive on the moon, lurking in it’s dark craters, beneath the rocks. Millions of miles from home, isolated, a lone survivor has to try escaping from his mysteriously infected comrade the horror of our moon…

What the movie does really well is feel period appropriate and I have to admit it’s blended well with stock footage to mostly feel authentic. I like the utter silence and tension in the creepy atmosphere. The acting is solid enough and the sound is solid. I feel the creature aspect hurts the movie on a few levels, mostly because how the hell does a living thing survive without food, water, or any vegetation whatsoever? I think it should have dealt with the psychological aspects of the intense claustrophobia and isolation. What also kills the movie is the pacing, it takes a real long time to build for not a huge amount of pay off considering the movie alludes to the ending in the opening anyway. In the end, it isn’t terrible but you aren’t missing too much if you skip it. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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