Confirmed PS5 Info from Mark Cerny

It isn’t often I post about the next consoles to come, as I have stated in the past I don’t care for new console rumors. However spoke to Mark Cerny, a name many of you probably don’t know and rightfully so. He was the lead architect of the PS4 and is the lead architect on the new system that will likely be called the PS5. You can read the Wired article but I am going to touch on some of the key points.

First, Mark was very clear on this, The PlayStation 5 will not be released in 2019. There is also, to quote Mark “Something a little more specialized” built into the S5 in terms of its hard drive and a Solid State Drive you would find for example in your laptop or as an external for your current system. This allows a 15 second load time in Spiderman to take less than 1 second, which again is the example he used in person on a dev kit.

Another notable take away is the PS5 is confirmed backward compatible with PS4 games and will have a disk drive, and multiple companies are currently working on next-gen titles. He also hinted that some of the big titles currently being worked on for this generation are also going to be multiplatform titles.

The biggest news tho is that this will truly be a next-gen console and not just a small step upgrade. For example, it will boast a substantial boost in terms of CPU and GPU that I won’t bore you with, and it will also support 8k, not just 4k. That all seems pretty impressive, but how it all comes together is the important part. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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