Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption

sinner 2

I can’t help but love a great boss fight in games and honestly there aren’t many outside the Souls series and the flock of games that followed in it’s steps, just in there own way. Sinner is a member of that flock that says F the grinding and gets us the main attractions from the get go.

We play as a lonely knight who has survived a cataclysm of sorts and has sinned to do so and become strong. For redemption, they must sacrifice their power and strength to vanquish the beasts and fiends sin created. With dwindling resources, can you face such greater evils?

Sinner is a cool game I can’t help but to have fallen in love with. If you are familiar to Souls type combat layout, you will have an advantage going in although you may want to customize the button configurations a bit. The weapons you get are what you get, but they are simple but effective. I like the art style and how it has a dark, fairy tale twist to everything. What enthralled me a lot is the strategy aspect there is to the game, having to decide which bosses to take on first and learning to cope with the piling of debuffs you accrue throughout the game. In the end, Sinner is a nice is on the Souls formula and for less than $20 on PSN it’s well worth the price. May the gaming gods bring you glory.



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