Backdraft 2 (2019)

Yes, you are seeing that right, almost 30 years after the 1991 movie Backdraft it got a sequel. A direct sequel. Now I know what you are thinking, Savior is about to shred this movie apart. It is almost 30 years later, it can not be good. Well, I am not.

William Baldwin returns to his role as Brian McCaffrey, years later as his a bit out of control nephew and son of Stephen from the original movie, does his job as an arson investigator. Sean McCaffrey is almost a reverse arsonist himself. He is in love with fire, he understands it in a way most people never will, it is why he is good at his job. However, he uses this love to track down the bad guys and now he must find out who is burning down buildings in Chicago and why.

Along the way, he will also meet a woman, find a dog he refuses to name and maybe discover the truth about his father which will possibly bring him and his uncle a little closer together since they kind of don’t get along very well. The movie is well done with nice effects and if you give it a shot it is a pretty solid and fun movie if you enjoy this type. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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