Dauntless (PS4)

Dauntless is developed by Phoenix Labs and Published by Epic games and is the first game to launch on PS4 and Xbox with full cross-play between those and PC with the Switch possibly being added later. After putting some time into it I can see why so many people are calling it free to play Monster Hunter because that is what it is at its core. There is a core city that you will do all your crafting at, which you will get parts from killing monsters and collecting herbs and such on the map as you fight them.

Graphically and the sound is nice and has a completely different art style which is rather nice to look at, and the controls are vastly different as well. You use the square button for quick attacks and triangle for a slower heavy attack with R1 acting as a special attack that charges up. Each weapon has its own versions of this and guns work even different still. None of them feel bad and they all have their own benefits and weaknesses. The game is fun, but admittedly if you have the option to just play Monster Hunter you should just play that. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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