Stellaris Console Multiplayer

To be clear this isn’t a review of the full game, that has already been covered here. Stellaris Console Edition (PS4) I did want to touch on the newly released multiplayer tho because it is a pretty huge addition to the game and a free update for everyone. While PC has had this for a while this has only been available on console since the 21st of this month as part of a free update.

First I have to say when you start up, it can be a hassle to find a game. There isn’t always a ton of them and people don’t always want random people joining their game. There are usually about 7-10 for me a,d the first couple I usually get rejected from. That said once you are in even if people drop out the game just continues and if someone else joins they just pick up where others left off while the PC controls while they are gone. This is cool because honestly loading into a game can take a bit of time, and the game does pause whenever someone loads in.

As far as how the game functions itself, it all works just as well and the same as in single player, tho for obvious reasons you can not pause the game. Honestly tho with the load times and finding a game for me it just wasn’t worth playing unless you have your own group of friends to play with, which by the way seems to max out at 4 human players. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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