Dragonball Z: The Namek Saga

dbz 2  We continue on with the epic tale that is Dragonball Z. After saving the Earth, Vegeta has fled, Goku is wrecked, and with Piccolo and Kami dead there are no more Dragonballs. Mr Popo shows Bulma the ship Kami came in as a baby and she’s able to find the coordinates to Planet Namek, which has it’s own Dragonballs. Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan set off for Namek to restore Piccolo and there friends. Vegeta, pissed at his defeat, is stronger than ever after being beaten nearly to death because of Saiyan genetics and sets off to Namek as well. Despite Piccolo’s original bitter nature, Gohan and Krillin discover the Namekians are a peaceful people who are being slaughtered by Vegeta and a much darker force- Frieza. His army and right hand men Zarbon and Dedoria are searching for the balls as well so Frieza can achieve immortality. Before killing Dedoria Vegeta discovers the Saiyans weren’t destroyed by an asteroid as he was led to believe but Frieza himself, which boosts Vegeta’s blood lust. While a cat and mouse game ensues between Krillin and Gohan and Vegeta, Bulma tries to survive the alien world, and Goku trains with gravity as he races to help his friends on Namek. When the Dragonballs are in there grasp, the pair find themselves having to join forces in order to face Frieza’s squad of strange but powerful mercenaries- Enter the Ginyu Force…

Season 2 was a good blend of adventure and fights. I like how half of the story is Vegeta going on a murderous rampage and he does have most of the best fights in this season. The Ginyu Force is goofy but they are pretty cool. The pacing is a bit off and it it is slower than last saga but it’s worth the wait for what will come next. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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