DragonBall Z: Cooler’s Revenge

dbz cooler

So why wouldn’t Frieza have a brother whose stronger? Cooler watched his little brother swoon over the destruction of planet Vegeta by his hand and felt the ever present hate and annoyance for him.Years later, the ultimate humiliation to the family when a monkey killed Frieza. Cooler and his trio of henchmen come to Earth to find Goku, camping with friends. The trio is no match for Goku, but Cooler wounds Goku. The trio blasts through the woods to search for him to no avail; Gohan sneaks away to get Sensue Beans so they can heal up. When caught on the return trip, Piccolo jumps in and slays the henchmen but is decimated by Cooler. Goku is restored and seems evenly matched with Cooler until, like his brother, he reveals a transformation; can the Super Saiyan defeat a brother stronger than Frieza?

Once again, like Dragonball Z: Lord Slug  this movie is a fast paced blast. I love the old school nu-metal music from Deftones, Drowning Pool, Disturbed, and Finger Eleven; I love watching the Super Saiyan transformation at the end to Change by Deftones personally. Cooler is a good villain and a good contrast to Frieza both in character and appearance. The movie was really fast paced but it never feels hurt by it. In the end, it’s a damn DBZ movie and well worth a watch. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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