Dragonball Z: Android Saga (Cell Games)

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*spoiler alert: due to a posting error, my Cell Games review came out ahead of schedule. The first part will come out July 3rd, and the second part on the 4th.

We come to the finale of the Android Saga and one of the greatest climaxes in anime. Cell, confident he is all powerful, issues a challenge to the world; face him in the Cell Games for the fate of the world. Goku and Gohan emerge from the hyperbolic time chamber, far stronger than before. Unlike the others who are dreadfully training, Goku urges Gohan to relax and enjoy life. The young Super Saiyan agrees, wearing Piccolo’s colors during the games to come. The Z fighters arrive with a famous fighter named Hercule Satan who Cell bitch slaps away like a fly. Goku is first up. Cell and Goku clash but Goku isn’t able to put Cell down as hard as he tries. Instead, Goku promises there is someone far stronger than him among them that can beat Cell. Gohan, the youngest Super Saiyan. It becomes apparent though Gohan doesn’t have the same urge to fight as the other Saiyans but he understands why he will kill Cell; all his life, Gohan has shown explosive leaps of power when enraged, leaps of power he couldn’t control. Cell finds this intriguing and tortures Gohan trying to make him snap; when that doesn’t work, he spawns his twisted Cell Jrs. that attack the others, each as powerful as Cell. Gohan still doesn’t snap. When Android 16 is destroyed, he tells Gohan he understands his fear but to protect life, sometimes you have to fight. When Cell crushes 16’s head, Gohan explodes and becomes stronger than any of them ever imagined but can this new power finish Cell once and for all…

I love this ending. Throughout the series and especially this saga, Gohan has always been more of a background character but during this saga we get a very well done look at his character. Super Saiyan 2 is amazing and the fight between him and Cell is beyond epic. There’s a goodbye that may bring some to tears (Violet) but its well done. This finale is equal parts action and epicness and I feel its the best way the show could have ended. In fact I’m pretty upset it isn’t. I highly recommend the Android Saga as some of the best anime I’ve seen and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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