Dragonball Z : Bojack Unbound

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I love the idea of treating Bojack’s  movie as an epilogue to Dragonball Z: Android Saga (Cell Games) and honestly it does work pretty well in concept. Gohan’s on his own and he’s the strongest fighter Earth has to offer so there’s a lot that can done. So how does Gohan’s first time leading the Z Fighters go?

After Cell was destroyed by Gohan, Hercule gets the credit and becomes arguably the biggest celebrity on the planet. A spoiled rich kid has Hercule host a huge tournament with the opportunity to face real aliens. Of course the Z fighters show up and advance to the real show, only to discover the aliens they were supposed to fight were killed by a group of space pirates that King Kai had stored away, unleashed by his planet getting destroyed. The band is led by Bojack, who means to go on a rampage unless Gohan and his friends can stop him…

This movie could have been awesome but there is a huge flaw I have with it. Gohan isn’t a bad hero on his own and it was cool to see him in Goku’s colors; it was also cool seeing Trunks again and I like the detail about Vegeta mourning over Goku. I really like the opening fight with Trunks and Tien, two of my favorite characters in the series. There are some cool fights with Bojack’s crew and the Z Fighters throughout. The problem is Bojack. He predominately let’s his minions do the fighting for him, jumping in for a few cheap shots. Once Gohan goes Super Saiyan 2, Gohan mops the floor with him and it doesn’t remotely feel like Bojack was a challenge. If you don’t mind a disappointing end, it’s not a bad movie and worth a watch. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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