911 Operator (PC)

Recently my friend over at Gaming With Noobs picked me up a copy of 911 Operator to check out since it was on sale and he enjoyed it. So please check out his review if you get a minute. As for me, I enjoyed the game but I do agree with him. The game while fun does get repetitive really fast if you are playing the base game. The calls and incidents repeat themselves and you do basically just spend all your time left and right-clicking to send cops, fire trucks, and medics places.

The flip side is it is fun trying to manage it all, do you send your police to check on the crying kid that may or may not be something or do you send them to the argument at the bar? As you make more money you can get bigger and better vehicles and helicopters or even a horse. I like to give the guy on a horse machine a gun. There is no reason for this besides I like to imagine a dude on a horse riding up to someone with an M-16 on a horse.

You can also just ignore the calls completely because screw that dude with a cat stuck in a tree. It really isn’t your problem right? Just don’t leave your cops for dead during a shootout, it tends to make the game harder and I never actually got anyone to die. They kind of just hang out until you send someone in my experience. We all know I wasn’t just going to play this game the right way. The game is worth the money tho and I wish I picked it up sooner. Even more impressive is you can download the map for most cities and they are quite accurate. I downloaded the one for my home town and ended up with a car accident a block from my house. So have fun, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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