The Legend Of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel 3 Story Trailer

As many of you know I have a great relationship with NIS America. They have a habit of tossing me their games when they come out and as you guys know I fully admit to that and am quite honest, I have even told you guys not to buy one of them because I really disliked it. I am in the middle of playing the first game in the series, and while I am enjoying it the game is a bit slow to start but is picking up. There will be a full review before this one comes out, but you should know the 3 games are directly connected, so if you enjoy this trailer you might want to go pick up the other 2. I am being open about my working relationship with NIS because I don’t want you guys to think I was asked to share this info, I was not. I just don’t want you guys to go into this and be blindsided when you buy the 3rd game in a series that is all directly connected. So enjoy the trailer, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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