5 Games I play to Relax

Sometimes as a gamer, you don’t want a challenge, you just want to relax, or a familiar game to chill out with. We all have games we fall back to for this, amd here are 5 of mine.


Farming Simulator 17 (Xbox One) is a relaxing game for me. Just driving around, growing crops, seeing how bad the physics break when I launch stuff off rocks or try to stack stuff that shouldn’t be stacked. Its just fun to screw around with when I don’t want to take shit seriously.


Oh, Cities Skylines PlayStation 4 , how I love you. You are relaxing, you are fun, and I really don’t care if I ruin the lives of thousands of people by making all the roads one-way streets and forcing them to drive onto the highway just to get home. Screw you guys and your little cars. This game can be taken as seriously or not as serious as you want, but the outcome is the same. Fun.

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NHL 19, or any NHL game really is fun to relax with because I don’t care. I can toss it on rookie difficulty, wrack up a 20 goal win while beating the crap out of the other team or I can pump it up to something harder and get stomped while pretending I know what I am doing. Sports games are good to relax with because they can be relaxing or challenging.

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Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition Kerbal is one of those games that if you take it seriously and you aren’t good at it, it will drive you insane. If you are good at it, it will still drive you nuts. However, if you suck and don’t take it seriously, or just don’t take it seriously at all the game is filled with explosions and dead kerbals and stuff just getting flung everywhere, making it the perfect game to relax with for me.

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BloodBorne review seems like an odd game to be on this list since all the Soulsborne games are notoriously difficult. The problem is after you play through them a bit, they stop being difficult for the most part and it largely becomes more about muscle memory and recognizing patterns. For me, Bloodborne has become something I play to just chill out. The game still has hard parts and bosses that still mess up my day, but for the most part, I just like to relax in the world.

So what about you guys, what do you play when you just want to relax, let me know and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



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