Pantsu Hunter Back to the 90s (PS4)

I got Pantsu Hunter from the guys and gals over at Ascension Dream, and as always I greatly appreciate it. I honestly was a bit nervous about playing this one, in fact, I kind of thought this was going to basically be softcore porn on my PS4. Seriously I was expecting a poorly written cash grab of a game. This is actually pretty far from the truth.

First, the story. You play as a college student that due to being super busy and into his studies has had a hard time in the love department. He has also had a few jobs and become a sort of jack of all trades. He does, however, have a theory that you could tell all you need to know from a woman by studying her panties.

The game is broken up into different scenarios where you are doing jobs for assorted women, each with their own personality. You have two jobs, fix their stuff and steal their panties. Some will be hidden behind tricks or in drawers and you will have to find different ways to get the ladies out of the room to get the job done.

There is one small detail, you can greatly upset the women. In the first 20 minutes of gameplay, I was drowned in a bathtub, tossed out of her apartment, had the police called, was killed by a chair, beaten with a mop and an assortment of other things. There are tons of possible outcomes, at least 50 ranging from death to falling in love to everything in between.

The game is also pretty easy to get a platinum trophy on, so you trophy hunters will want to pick this one up. The art style is also extremely well done and the story is pretty well written. On the flip side, the game can be frustrating and short. If you knew exactly what you were doing I imagine you could zoom through it in a couple hours tops. Without a guide tho you can probably stretch it out about  I, however, have no regrets about playing this game and admittedly I was way off in my snap judgment about the game. It isn’t for everyone, and unless you are trophy hunting or like point and click adventures I doubt you will like the game. Both of those groups tho, this is a must buy. I give this one a 7/10. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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