A Guy Thing (2003)

A Guy Thing is a 2003 romantic comedy that did not do well in the reviews and admittedly, I get it. The movie is fun, the acting was great but all in all the movie itself is pretty mundane. The movie is pretty standard, mangoes to a bachelor party, man wakes up with dancer, man hides it from the soon to be wife. Said man finds out dancer is soon to be wifes cousin.

There are some fun moments of course, and Jason Lee and Julia Stiles are always a joy to watch and they have some great chemistry. The issue is the script is just pretty dull and the story itself is just boring. I love the actors in this movie, some of my favorite movies involve them. This movie however just wasn’t all that enjoyable to me.

I won’t say don’t watch this movie, many of you will probably enjoy it. I simply did not, and that made me pretty sad. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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