Mario Kart Tour (Mobile)

Mario Kart Tour is the newest mobile game from Nintendo and I have to say it was greatly disappointing for me. It is full of in-game transactions for almost everything, and they aren’t exactly cheap. The controls are also pretty horrible in my opinion.  It never felt like I was truly in control of what was going on.

The other issue I have is that it seems like you are racing bots not other people and this is rather frustrating since they are given names that seem like other people. That just seems like false advertising to me when it comes down to it. There is one redeeming quality tho. I thought the sound was amazingly accurate to the series.

If I had paid real money for this game I would probably have been upset, and it really seems like a money pit to me. I personally won’t be putting more time into it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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2 thoughts on “Mario Kart Tour (Mobile)”

  1. Right there with you. At first I said cool I’m racing against real people. Until I minimized app and realized that when I brought it back up it left me right where I was. I don’t know why use real player names for bots. I also was not a fan of the control scheme they have. Major let down and was deleted after 1 day

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