Fallout 4 – Base Game Review

Pretty sure this was done before, but I’m unoriginal, I’m LittleSavior699, deal with it. Oh yea, spoilers, I guess. You coward.

Fallout 4 is one of the more recent additions to the Fallout franchise. (We don’t talk about Fallout 76, who she?) Coming out in November of 2015 and winning game of the year. If I’m being fully honest, I think Fallout New Vegas is the best Fallout game. Get Obsidian back, alright Bethesda? You need a great installment of the Fallout franchise to make up for 76, that piece of sh-

However, I still enjoyed Fallout 4, especially with all the mods I broke that game with. Seriously, who thought that was a good idea? You really think we’re NOT going to make Dogmeat invincible? It’s just more immersive that way! Dogmeat is a good boy, can we just make this a review of Dogmeat? Actually, no, it’d just be a bunch of cute dog pictures and me worshiping the air he breathes & ground he walks on. He’s a good boy.

For each and every faction, I can describe it the same. BORING! I just can’t even be bothered to do their missions anymore. The only reason I ever do is to get Piper to marry me, and even then, I often remind her she’s lucky I love her. Oh, and to get The Castle so I can build a Castle fit for Piper. Not Nat, she can shoo-shoo! Who names their child after a bug?! Anyways, I seriously think the factions have much to be desired. Hopefully in the next game, they get better.

I really liked the graphics and how they had more depth; the people didn’t look like plastic clay. I also really liked the idea layering of armors, however, the execution, whilst not terrible, I didn’t like it so much. Some items that couldn’t be layered didn’t exactly make sense. Why wouldn’t I put a raider chest piece over my winter clothes?! I get cold, and the armor rating isn’t that great!

Also, can we talk about Preston?! DUDE, CALM YOUR TITS, I’M SURE SOMEONE ELSE CAN DO IT, LEGIT, ONE OF YOUR PEOPLE STOLE MY POWER ARMOR! I’m pretty sure they can handle themselves. Oh, I also hated that the main character was voice acted. I couldn’t give them a cool, weird voice!


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2 thoughts on “Fallout 4 – Base Game Review”

  1. I was pretty patently disappointed with Fallout 4. Far Harbor saved it for me. It’s a game that’s fun, but by and large forgettable. That’s why I’m looking forward so much to Outer Worlds. The Fallout sequel I wanted but never got.

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