Texas Chainsaw (3D)


Horror has a really bad habit of messy cannons. Following the chain of endless sequels, remakes, and reboots ( not to mention the strange fusions of them) we started getting movies meant to set the stage and wipe the cannons clean and kick off from the original classics anew. So was Texas Chainsaw worth abandoning Texas Chainsaw massacre 2 and beyond?

Taking place moments after the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre , Sally’s escape from the Sawyer family brings the police down on the cannibals, especially Jeb ( Leatherface). The family convinces him to surrender, but the angry rednecks of the area decide to take matters into there own hands and slaughter the Sawyer family, except  for missing Leatherface and a baby that is taken by the rednecks. Years later, Heather gets a letter that a grandmother she never knew she had and inherited her home, but Heather and her friends learn this home comes with it’s own resident…

I’m going to say right now, this movie is utter ass. It’s not so- bad- it’s good; there is some pretty cringe-worthy shit in it. I can’t say I liked any of the characters and Leatherface isn’t even that intimidating here and has no personality, despite the attempt to make him a anti-hero. The 3-D is pretty cheesy but there isn’t much to really justify calling it 3-D. The effects are meh but the blood is plainly CGI. In the end, you can skip this and watch either the original, sequel, or the remakes. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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