I’m sure I’m weird to say Glass was one of my most anticipated movies of 2019. Unbreakable is one of my favorite superhero movies and Split was one of my favorite horror movies of the decade so I was really pumped to see how the trilogy would conclude and I wanted to see the reunion between Dunn and Glass.

The Horde is on the loose, kidnapping and killing young women in his pursuit of saving the broken. David Dunn, now deemed the Overseer, has spent the past 19 years as a vigilante using his powers to keep people safe. He’s been hunting the Horde down while evading the police. After confronting him, both are surprised at the others ability, but are apprehended by a mysterious doctor convinced they aren’t superhuman but rather mentally ill. They aren’t the only one she has captive however, seemingly comatose for nearly two decades is Elijah Prince who is reunited with Dunn and introduced to Crumb. Mr Glass has a plan to unite with The Beast and unveil the existence of super humans to the world. Can the Overseer stop the deadly alliance?

First, don’t go into this expecting a conventional super story. There isn’t a lot of pomp and circumstance, and I can’t say this movie is for everyone. I personally believe it’s a damn good end to an amazing trilogy. The three main leads do a great job but Jackson and McAvoy steal the show. The movie is a decent mix of cross over combined with dual sequels for Unbreakable and Split. The pacing slows quite a bit in the second act but McAvoy thankfully carries what could be a painful slog. I couldn’t help but wish we got more time with Dunn as a vigilante. The fights are pretty cool for what they were. I liked the twists and the ending, being the minority and felt uplifted after. Glass isn’t perfect nor the ultimate trilogy ender and while I can see where a lot of the choices made will piss fans off, I will say it’s well worth a watch. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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